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Software Engineering | AI/ML
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Slide A B O U T Well, I’ve been working on Software Engineering with the passion for machine learning for 4 years now, while graduated from McGill University in Montreal, Canada. Have done some internships as well as research projects, mostly in Python, Java, and C. Currently, I'm doing research on Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing at MILA and McGill University.

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Slide Network Design A program for designing communication networks. Given the number of cities and communication links (cost and reliability), the objective is to construct a network that maximizes reliability within a specified cost constraint. GITHUB REPOSITORY Weekly Meal Planner A comprehensive weekly meal planner app, powered by Flask for the backend, React for the frontend, and PostgreSQL for the database server, it seamlessly integrates technology into your kitchen routine for a truly gourmet experience. GitHub Repository Arena Ticketing System A Java program utilizing the power of a DB2 database system and JDBC to facilitate online ticket purchasing. Beyond mere transactions, users can also add events, register attendees, secure sponsorships, and delve into insightful analytics. github repository DashCam Object Tracking Analyzing dashcam footage using the YOLO model to detect parked and moving cars while identifying pedestrians. GitHub Repository

Slide Handwritten Digit Recognition A Python script that utilizes a neural network to recognize handwritten digits (0-9) using the TensorFlow framework. The script demonstrates the complete process, from loading the dataset to training the model and making predictions. A user‐friendly interface to enhance user interaction in a totally responsive website, adaptable with any devices. visit the wesite AI Invoice Recognizer A machine learning model utilizes Azure Form Recognizer to extract data from invoices in PDF format. It retrieves specific fields and their corresponding values from the invoices and saves the extracted data into a CSV file for further analysis or processing. GITHUB REPOSITORY OCR Enhancement A parallelized image binarization process using the CUDA-enabled CuPy library in Python. The binarization is applied to the dataset of CAPTCHA images, and the execution time for each image is analyzed and visualized. GitHub Repository GITHUB REPOSITORY

Slide Climb Safe A desktop application written in Java built with a team of 6 students at McGill University. The app was developed using MVC pattern. Also, we used UML, BDD, JUnit Test, JavaFx and CSS. RAM752 A website written with HTML and CSS, about the Iran's 2023 revolution and to support Women, Life, Freedom in Iran. (Hackathon for Aban Competition) visit the wesite Robotic Mosaic Art A mosaic robot built in a team of 6 students at McGill University, implemented using Python with BrickPi and RaspberryPi that will accept the user’s input, which is the image that the user would like to create on a 5×5 canvas. Afterwards, the robot will place foam cubes on a canvas to produce the image that was inputted. access the report EVE! An iOS application written in Swift which is able to assess your mental health and give you some general advice based on your answers. It uses the powerful feature of Speech Recognition. Hence, you can start talking to EVE and she'll answer your concerns properly. GitHub Repository GITHUB REPOSITORY More Projects on my GitHub Hobbies and Fun projects YouTube Channel My Written Book Jaraghe Podcast My App Store Page

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